Additional Services

Rental fee includes tables and chairs as well as their setup and takedown according to a floor plan to be provided by the Renter no later than 10 days before the event.   We provide the appropriate number of chairs based on the bar count.   We do not provide extra chairs for open seating.

Starting in 2019 NEO will provide linens for the table at no additional charge for all alcoholic packages.   Linens will be provided with the non-alcoholic package for an additional charge.  Linen count will be determined by your floor plan (it is assumed 10 guests per table) and linens cannot be added once the final floor plan is submitted.   NEO staff will place table linens on the table and will provide unfolded napkins for the caterer or whomever to fold and place on the table.   Caterers will provide their own linens for the buffet tables.

If you use a caterer who is not on our approved list, they must complete our catering contract and provide a certificate of insurance.   A kitchen fee (based on guest count)  for supplies and services provided by NEO is charged to all caterers.   If your caterer does not provide enough staff to properly handle the food service nor comply with our requirements clearly stated in our catering contract, there will be a charge for additional NEO staff to insure our level of service is maintained.

Valet parking and a parking patrol person is included in the room rental fee.

Nothing may be hung from the ceiling nor attached to the walls other than what is provided by the venue.   Lanterns can be removed upon request up to one week prior but a charge of $100 shall apply for takedown and reinstallation.

All guests must vacate the premises within one hour of the bar closing.  The bar may not be closed and reopened during the evening.   Once the bar closes the music must stop and everyone should begin leaving.  The maintenance staff will start entering the room 15 min after the bar closes.    The bar and the music cannot be extended at the end of the night unless NEO has agreed in writing one week prior to the reception.

The valets are not responsible for cars remaining on the valet lots after one hour of the bar closing.   Car owners shall notify the valets if they wish to leave their car overnight, and they are then parked in NEO’s underground parking lot.  Pickup for Friday night events is Saturday between 10am-noon.  Pickup for Saturday night events is the following Monday.

Renter shall remove all their valuable items from NEO at the end of the night.   Non-valuables and decorations may be picked up the following day at the allotted time.   No food may be left at the Venue overnight.

NEO provides for cleanup of the Space after the caterer has removed all their food items and stored them properly and all decorations have been removed from the table.  Any items belonging to Renter and left in the space will be discarded after 3 days.   No food may be left at the Venue overnight.

NEO allows supervised access to the rooftop terrace for the bride and groom for pictures.   The bar or building manager shall arrange access to the roof.

NEO will be open at 10am on Saturday for vendor arrival the day of the Event.

Head table champagne and flutes for toasting are included in all alcoholic bar packages.    A Champagne Service for all guests can be provided for an additional charge.

Bar service pricing is available online and incorporated into the spreadsheet provided to Renter with their contract.   The minimum bar service on Saturday night is the Beer/Wine Soft Bar Service.   The minimum bar service on Friday and Sunday night is the Non-Alcoholic Bar Service.   Guests of Renter may not bring alcohol into the venue.  Vendors and Entertainment are not allowed to consume alcohol on the premises during events.

One bartender is included with all standard bar service packages.   Additional bartenders are provided for an additional charge.

Changes to bar services are allowed up to 8 days before the event. This includes removing or adding optional items from and to the package and changing the type of bar package chosen..  Final payment is adjusted to actual options chosen.

Final payment is adjusted to actual guest count. The actual guest count will reflect the number of adults and minors 20 years of age and younger.   All over 21 guests will be billed at the chosen bar package price.    Minors will be billed at Open Non-Alcoholic Soft Bar price.   OVER 21 GUESTS MAY NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE UNDER 21 COUNT.    WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP SERVING ALCOHOL IF WE BELIEVE THE COUNT HAS NOT BEEN ACCURATELY REPRESENTED.  Guest count cannot be lowered after final payment is made.

Glassware will be provided in the bar through dinner. High quality plastic ware may be provided one hour before closing to minimize breakage.