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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of event can I have at NEO?
NEO can handle all types of events, large and small. Corporate events, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, are all easily accommodated. The first floor Montana Room can seat up to 250 guests for dinner (ceremony seating for 300-325), and the 4th floor NEO Room can seat up to 500 guests for dinner.

 Do I have to use one of the caterers from the recommended caterers list?
NEO requires guests to use of one of their APPROVED caterers.  You may not use a caterer that is not on our list.

What do the caterers provide, and do I contact them directly?
Your caterer will provide all food, china, table linens and napkins, table settings, and any other decorations you may wish to have them provide and you contact them directly.    If you are doing a water service at the table, the caterer provides for the glassware and service.

What does the rental fee include?
Your rental fee includes use of the space during a specific time period, and supervision in conjunction with your caterer by the NEO staff and cleaning crew. The rental fee also tables and chairs (includes 66″ dinner rounds or rectangular dinner tables), all accessory tables,  and valet parking for your guests.   In the event two different events are booked on the same night, guests for each event will use separate entrances.  

There is a prepaid gratuity on the bar services and there will be a sign on the bar which says “Your Host For The Evening Has Graciously Prepaid All Bar Gratuities”.

Does NEO provide decorations for private events?
Decoration arrangements must be made with outside vendors of your choice.  NEO has bistro lighting and lanterns in place for your use.   NEO will does not allow  hanging decorations except those provided with the venue.   NEO allows battery operated candles.     We do not allow glitter or confetti to be used in the building.

Can I have music at my event at NEO?
Yes, you may have a band, DJ, or other music of your choice playing in your space during the event.  NEO has a complete DJ system available for rent if you wish to bring an iPod or iPad to stream music.   NEO also has two amplified speakers at no charge which can be used for ceremony music.  NEO does not allow stages or platforms on the 4th floor.

Does NEO have lighting that can be used for my event?
Yes, NEO provides lighting for both rooms and can work with you to tailor the lighting to complement your event.  NEO’s lighting in includes accent LED  lights, bistro lighting over the dance and dinner area, and lights on the columns on the 4th floor.

Where can my guests park?
NEO has secure parking lots that are used for guest parking during events. NEO includes complimentary valet parking which is included in the room rental fee.    Cars should not be left overnight once security is no longer present.

When can I access the room before the event?
Whenever possible, NEO allows you to set up the day prior to your event. If that is not possible, you will have access to the room starting at 10am the day of your event.

Can I store materials for my event at NEO?
Yes, NEO will allow storage of your materials prior to your event.   You are required to removed your decorations from the table and put them on carts for pickup on either Saturday at 10am or Monday following the event between 9am-3pm.   NO SUNDAY PICKUP IS ALLOWED DUE TO NO STAFF BEING PRESENT.

How and when may I secure my date for my event at NEO?
Private events are generally booked 6 months to one year in advance. Space is not confirmed until the rental contract and deposit are received.

What is the cancellation policy for events?
Events may not be cancelled once the initial fee has been paid and the rental contract signed. However, because we realize there can be unexpected occurrences beyond your control, NEO will consider on a case by case basis whether to allow you to reschedule your event for a different date within one year of the original date,  but will not refund any portion of the monies paid for outright cancellation.  There is one day event insurance that you can obtain independently to cover a possible cancellation or accident.